Tui studies publishing in Wellington, Aotearoa (New Zealand.) Tui reads a lot of books and a lot of blogs, and watches a lot of television. Tui Talks about all of this stuff and probably more! May contain traces of: adult language, politics, sarcasm, and caps. Also a lot of alliteration. Tui is a big fan of comments, you should leave some.

This blog strives to use inclusive, reflective language that is not ablist, trans phobic, racist, sexist or anti-queer. If Tui screws up, she wants to hear about it in a comment or at tui(dot)head(at)gmail(dot)com. She also requests that commenters try to be respectful of people around them, and remember that you never know who’s reading what you’re writing on the internets.

Additionally, this blog consists entirely of Tui’s own views and opinions and is not representative in any way of the views and/or opinions of any other person or organisation, including anyone who may be employing her or may have ever employed her.


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