Wednesday Week: International Women’s Day

9 Mar

Yesterday was International (Working) Women’s Day in New Zealand, and I managed to do absolutely nothing except be a working woman. (For, lo, I have acquired a job. I don’t seriously believe that anyone who reads this doesn’t keep up with my life in some other way, but there you go.)  However, luckily, today is IWD in most of the rest of the (English-speaking) world, so I can cleverly look like I was waiting for my links day AND for the day in which I’d be able to link you to lots and lots of posts, so that I can get away with the frankly pretty lame excuse that man, I’m so tired.

But it really doesn’t matter, because there’s so much amazing stuff for you to read. Here are some people whose posts moved me in the last 48 hours:

The Wellington Young Feminists’ Collective did a bunch of posts from their members, wild Gen Yers just like me, on what feminism means to them. Read ’em. Coley; Matthew; Cait; Rachael; Stephanie; Caitlin.


The tweets of John Darnielle on IWD, as capped by Autostraddle (click through yo, they're great).


On Feminism and Fireworks at Shakesville

The Yarn Harlot: I am a feminist, because I know what the word means.

There are more out there. You pretty much can’t turn around on the internet today without reading something about women that will make you laugh or cry or be proud and ashamed to be a person in the world. You probably don’t have time to read everything, but maybe you could read just one thing, or two? Yeah.

And here’s a golden oldie that I was thinking about the other day.

Image of a young girl with text "Mommy, when I grow up, I want to smash the white, racist, homophobic, patriarchal bullshit paradigm too!"


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