Wednesday Week

30 Nov

Twitter has Follow Friday, and Tumblr has Tumblr Tuesday. But there isn’t a day of the week that begins with B, so I thought I’d make Wednesday my links day – apart from anything else, in the middle of the week we all need something to distract ourselves from work, right? Anyway, I wrote this post last week and forgot to hit post, so, like, if you’ve seen some of this before now, that’s why.

Wednesday Week is going to be in two parts this week: three food blogs I adore, and three posts by people I’ve never read before that I think you should read.

Local Eats

These three food bloggers are local women whose food delights me. I read a lot of food blogs, mostly US ones, and there’s something really nice about reading recipes written with people like me in mind: people whose oven thermometers come in degrees Celsius, people whose tomatoes are ripening now and not in June, and people whose chocolate comes in 250g blocks with shiny gold wrappers.

Hungry and Frozen
Hungry and Frozen was recently nominated for a TAWA (the Annual Wellingtonista Awards), and I knew it was a food blog after my own heart when I read phrases like these: “Parmesan is too expensive – or at least, it’s one of those things that I always set out to buy, but then can’t bring myself to pay upwards of $7 for a tiny triangle of yellow matter. So I just grated regular cheese using the smaller holes to make it look fancier.” “I’m not sure how long this would last for but it seems to be one of those Bernadette Peters-style cakes which just keeps getting better and better as the days go by.” “I just forgot that I’d set the asparagus – one of the central, yay-it’s-Spring-already ingredients – to the side. It wasn’t till I’d finished taking photos and we’d sat down to eat that I remembered.” Substitutions, Broadway jokes, skipping the central ingredient in a menu and plenty of baking … oh yes.

Something Else to Eat
Anne Else’s food blog is warm, seasonal, and delightful. Her collection of recipes from all over, tried-and-true favourites and new experiments, reminds me of passing recipes from friend to friend and parent to child, and school fundraising cookbooks with recipes titled “Amy B’s Ambrosia” and “Jim’s Speedy Lasagne.” Filling, elegant, practical, thoughtful, simple, complex. This is the way I want to cook, the way, I hope, the best of my cooking is right now.

Heartbreak Pie
As it happens I have book group with Delaney (this is Wellington: had to be someone on the list I know), so I’m well aware that I do not cook the way she does. No, Heartbreak Pie is my aspirational blog, the kind I’ll read and drool over while thinking “but who has time to make pistachio cardamom sugar?” and “but my crepes always stick to the bottom of the pan.” I especially like it, though, because it’s not entirely out of my reach. A few blogs I read – Ms. Adventures in Italy, say, or every time the Yarn Harlot posts a gorgeous jumper – make me sigh and daydream and clutch my heart – for about fifteen minutes, and then I put them aside because I know that I haven’t got the patience to make an adorable lacy 4ply jumper. And also I don’t live in Italy and couldn’t afford to cook with five kinds of olive oil if I did. Heartbreak Pie recipes, on the other hand, stick with me, and some of them work their way inside my head and say, hey, I’m not that hard. You could do me on a Sunday afternoon. And sometimes I do. (Like that onion bread. Fond, fond memories.)

Recommended Read
Educational, funny, moving, or beautiful links to distract you at work. Seriously, just read these.

Five Things You Should Know About Ableism
Like that ableism kills.

Nayan Woods’ dad and Nayan Woods’ mum write about understanding, the media, forgiveness, and the criminal justice system after the death of their son. These are incredible citizens whose articulateness, honesty and compassion must be honoured. Truly moving.

Standards for Gender Equity in TV Shows: a Seven-Point Scale
One of those very useful posts that instantly makes it possible to talk about things without needing to rehash old, old ground. Also kind of funny and a little bitter.


3 Responses to “Wednesday Week”

  1. hungryandfrozen 09/12/2010 at 7:38 am #

    YAY thanks for the linking and the quoting and the serious niceness! Anne Else is so awesome, I love her writing and her stories, and I also love Heartbreak Pie (the plum meringues!!)
    Finally, FWD is a fantastic website and I’m consciously trying to erase ableism from my language…

    • Tui Head 09/12/2010 at 9:33 pm #

      My pleasure! I really love your blog. & yeah, there’s a nice little group of local food bloggers, I really dig it!

      Me too. It’s hard! I keep hearing myself call people crazy and events lame and think to myself ugh! no! On the other hand, I’ve managed to get “wheelchair-bound” so much out of my language I flinch when other people are using it so at least there’s *some* progress there, I guess. It’s very confronting realising how much of my language was marginalising to PWDs, though.

  2. delaney 15/12/2010 at 1:59 am #

    Oh! Tui, I meant to say a big THANKS also. Your blog is super cute. Gutted I can’t make book club this evening, but do have fun. Plenty more accessible recipes coming your way soon…

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